Pediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery, pedodontics and orthodontics



The basic research department of the department is “Prophylaxis and treatment of dental diseases in children”. This scientific problem is integrated into the state program of the Republic of Moldova and the World Health Organization (WHO) programs.

More than 400 scientific papers (monographs, articles, methodical elaborations, theses, etc.) were published in this direction.

The department’s staff have organized 15 congresses and several scientific-practical conferences with dentists from the republic. The department’s collaborators took part in Congresses of Cranial-Maxillofacial Surgeons in Europe, the WHO seminars that took place in Romania, Belarus and Russia. The department has scientific collaborations with scientists from USA, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, France, etc. The departmentstaffhave listened lectures byprofessorsfrom US (North Carolina, USA) and France (Nante) in various dental problems. New methods of diagnosis and treatment of the treatment and prophylaxis of dental diseases, oro-maxillo-facial traumas and tumors in children were implemented in the dental practice at the department.

Doctoral theses:

1. Avornic Lucia:”Evaluation of periodontal diseases in the complex orthodontic treatment of dento-maxillary anomalies”. Supported November 5, 2008. Scientific advisor prof. Ph.D. Godoroja Pavel.

2. Shevcenco Nina: “Antihomotoxic therapy in the complex treatment of periodontal diseases”. Supported on March 18, 2009. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Godoroja Pavel.

3. Stepco Elena: “Using complex therapeutic methods of correction of metabolism in patients with fluorosis”. Supported on March 25, 2009. Scientific advisorprof. Ph.D. Lupan Ion.

4. Ciumeico Igor: “The treatment of the average dental caries of the permanent teeth in the prefunctional eruption stage”.  Supported on July 06, 2011. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Godoroja Pavel.

5. Busmachiu Ion:”Treatment of anomaliesClass II / 1 by Angle”. Supported on Decembrie10, 2008. Scientific advisorprof.univ.Godoroja Pavel.

Postdoctoral theses:

1. Granciuc Gheorghe: “Evaluation of coordinate compounds of zinc and vanadium in the stimulation of osteoregenerative processes in periodontal tissues and the use of titanium implants”. Supported on November 28, 2012. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Godoroja Pavel and prof.univ. Gulea Aurelian.

2. Uncuta Diana: “Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of herpetic stomatitis”. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Godoroja Pavel and prof.univ. Lupan Ion.

Approved post-doctoral theses:

1. Spinei Aurelia: “Opportunities in the prevention of dental caries in children with disabilities”. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Lupan Ion.

2. Trifan Valentina: “The complex approach in the treatment of Angle Class III malocclusion according to dentition”. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Lupan Ion.

3. Railean Silvia: “Clinical, evolutionary features of cranio-maxillo-facial anomalies in children”.

Approved PhD Theses:

1. BocanceaEcaterina: “Particularities of evolution, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of marginal periodontal diseases in children with diabetes”. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Lupan Ion.

2. PorosencovEgor: “Recovery of alveolar-dental fractures in patients with unilateral clefts”. Scientific advisorprof.univ. Lupan Ion.

3. Mihailovici Corina:”Optimization of the mandibular retrograde treatment during mixed and permanent dentition”. Scientific advisor conf. univ.Railean Silvia.

4. Trifan Daniela:”Treatment of mandibular lateral deviation in children”. Scientific advisor conf. univ.Railean Silvia.

5. Calfa Sabina:”Treatment of upper jaw endangering according to teeth”. Scientific advisor conf. univ.Railean Silvia.